Parking Car Port & Solar Canopy

Solar & Regular Parking Canopy & Car Port

Parking Car Ports & Solar Canopies are elevated structures that host solar panels and provide shade. These overhead solar panel installations are typically installed in parking lots or other paved areas.

Solar vs Regular Car Port & Canopy: In practice, solar canopies are similar to solar carports and ground mounted solar panels – each provides an alternative to rooftop solar, whether because a roof can’t host solar panels or because a property’s electricity needs are too large for a rooftop solar system. Many solar parking lots also incorporate electric car charging stations so that drivers of electric vehicles can recharge with solar power while parked.


The benefits are well documented: when you install a solar energy system, you reduce your electric bills, protect against rising energy costs, and reduce your impact on the environment. Installing a regular parking car port or canopy also has benefits, in keeping your car cool throughout the day and free of rain or extreme sunlight.

Parking lots are an untapped opportunity for solar installations all across the country. Installing a canopy or car port over an existing parking lot is simply a more efficient use of space than installing a standard ground-mounted system – when you build a canopy or car port, you add more uses to the same square footage and don’t have to set aside additional space.