Access Control doors

Access Control doors

The two fundamental components of access control doors are the credential readers and the electric locks. One authorizing entry and other allows it to occur. There are two basic types of electric locks from a safety stand point:

1. Fail safe

2. Fail secure

Fail safe locks can be openend for existing when power is not on and Fail secure lock cannot be opened for exiting when power is off.

Some locks by their very nature are Fails safe, such as magnetic locks and electric panic hardwares. As a magnetic lock require electicity to hold secure. when power is lost the lock unlocks. Electric panic hardware uses the principle 'Free mechanical egress' that is regardless of the state of lock, when one pushes on the panic bar, the door opens. Other lock can be found in both tyoes, such as electrified mortised locks, electrified cylinder locks and electrified dead bolts.